Creating impact by painting sunshine
Early Morning On The Thames Gibbons Park View Dripping Pleasures
My small paintings packed with JOY Gibbons Park, London, OnAbstracts
The Joy of Being Different #4 Deep In the Woods. Never Rush Past Beauty!
Elsie Perrin Williams Estate, London, ON Sifton Bog, London On London Hunt and Country Club
Greenway #1 Country Fields Up Close. Wheelbarrow of Blossoms
Springbank Park, London, ON London Ontario Landscapes Ontario Landscapes
On The Rocks Streaming By. Cristof’s Restaurant
Toronto Island PaintingsAlberta, Canada Florida Art
Dandelion Ladies Floating Neighbours! Painting in Mt Brydges
FlowersOthersSandi painting on location....
Brown's Old Barn Pink Lillies Labatt Memorial Ball Park
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