Creating impact by painting sunshine

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Hey Sandi Your website looks great. It really looks like you have a lot of fun wherever you paint. Now I know that if you paint shrimp boats you have to contend with the smell. Good stuff Janice (fellow SHADY artist)
Janice Howell - 30 Jul 2016
Water that looks so real that I expect my fingers to come away wet. A memory sparked each time I gaze at the canvas. Vibrant colours that always make me smile. This is what your painting brings to my life Sandi. Thank you!
Ashley Mulock - 29 Jul 2016
Sandi, congratulations of your website. I have many of your beautiful paintings hanging in my house and I love them. They bring me such joy and remind me of what a wonderful person you are.
Wendy McIntosh - 28 Jul 2016
I am drawn to your painting of Hall's Mills, Byron. I reside in Byron and I just love your painting of this landmark.
Nancy Webb - 14 Dec 2013
Sandi - I love your art. Looking at it brought me great joy. Thank you. Jen
Jen Morrish - 14 Nov 2012
Congratulations on your website Sandi - it is wonderful!! It has been a real pleasure to watch your talent grow and evolve over the years. You should be very proud of yourself Sandi – the McCabe team certainly is!!
Andrea Macdonald - 17 Oct 2012
Hey Sandi. Your site looks great!! I am always impressed with people that have the artistic DNA that I am certainly missing. Murray
Murray Flanagan - 14 Oct 2012
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